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Your First Appointment

First, we would like to thank you for choosing LowCountry Wellness Center. We are committed to providing you with the highest level of customer service possible.  We know that your time is valuable.  Your appointment time is reserved solely for you.  Only if you cancel or  reschedule with sufficient notice can we refill your time with another client.  We must therefore request that you provide 24 hours notice (or that you send a friend or relative in your place).  Otherwise, you will be charged for the session.

Before your first session:

Any method of massage treatment should be preceded by taking a medical history of the patient or client. A case history assists the therapist in making their assessment and planning your treatment. It highlights any crucial conditions that may need to be avoided during treatment or will require referral if necessary. Massage therapists do not diagnose illness and should not offer a cure, their role is assessment and treatment.

Please, fill out your confidential client information sheet and save it prior to your first appointment.  
Please Note:  Your case history is confidential and nobody except the therapist will have access to it.

You may be asked some personal details while having an assessment. These questions are for the purpose of assessment and recommending preventative treatment and exercise. For example, sitting at a computer eight hours a day will affect many parts of the neck, shoulders and spine. You are not required to provide any information you do not feel comfortable giving, however understand that it may prevent accurate assessment and delay the response of your treatment.

The massage should be conducted in a secure and private area where you have the ability to undress and dress in private. The therapist should not be present at this stage and you will be asked to lie on the table and cover yourself with the appropriate towel or cover. It is okay to wear underpants, but you may also undress to your level of comfort. During the massage, towels should be used to cover any part of the body not directly receiving treatment.

If you are uncomfortable or unsure at any stage of the massage, tell the therapist. You have the right to ask the therapist to stop any treatment immediately and decide whether you want to continue a massage.


 It can take several visits to a therapist to build a rapport where the patient or client is comfortable. The therapist understands this and should adjust their behaviour accordingly. Patients and clients have many expectations of what will be the outcome of each treatment, communicate these to the therapist. If you experience pain, headache or bruising after your treatment this can be a post- treatment outcome. Always check with the therapist if you are not sure of any of these outcomes.

Always ensure the therapist you select is a qualified professional and is a member of a professional association. This ensures that they must practice under a Code of Ethics and a strict standard of practice.


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