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Additional Information

Lotions, Oils, and Cremes

For my work, I prefer to use Biotone cremes.  With the deeper work, creme works best for grip on the tissue.  I regularly use the NutriNaturals, Relaxation, and Muscle and Joint creams. 

For more information regarding Biotone's line, please visit their site at www.biotone.com

I also use Biofreeze.  http://www.biofreeze.com/

 Client Intake and Waiver Form

Feel free to download the new client form to bring with you to your appointment.

Allergen Information

If you have any known allergies, please let me know beforehand so I can make certain you will not be exposed to them if possible. 

I only use unscented and dye-free detergents and fabric softeners for my linens.  I also have a hypoallergenic gel available to use for the massage if there are any questionable ingredients in my usual cremes.  Please feel free to check creme ingredients at the link provided for Biotone products.


I require 24 hours notice on cancellations, or the client will be charged for the service scheduled.  In the case of inclement weather, clients will be notified of any closings and this charge will be waived.


Ladies' Night Out Massage Party    

Lady's Night Out PartyWomen rarely find the time to take care of themselves. We also love to gather and talk. Time For You Massage Therapy is now offering an evening of Time For You and your friends.

Book an evening when you and your friends can get together. The party can be held at our office, or at your home or venue.  You and your friends have a chance to chat while each of you has the chance to get a chair massage.  The cost for chair massage is $1 a minute.  Each guest can choose the amount of time that they would like to be massaged.  Usually each guest pays for themselves so there isn't a big expense for the host.  Host a party and receive a free 30 minute massage.  Book a party today.   This will ensure that you all get “Time For You."

                                            Call today and your friends will thank you for a wonderful evening. 




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